The Office of the Allen County Assessor is responsible for accurately and uniformly determining the market value in the use of every property in the county. This is achieved by using three approaches to value: Cost, Income, and Sales Comparison. The State now requires annual adjustments of assessments to reflect changes in the market. Below you will find documents explaining various processes used in the valuation of the property. We encourage you to contact us with any questions or concerns regarding your assessment.

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Cyclical Reassessment

During statewide reassessments, county, and township assessors physically inspect each property to ensure that records are correct. Inspection accomplishes the gathering of data to value the property. For example, does the property still have a free-standing garage and an in-ground pool? Is the building on this property still 1,200 square feet or has it increased or decreased in size? By confirming this information, assessors can ensure properties are uniformly valued. Assessing officials will re-assess approximately 25% of the parcels in their jurisdiction each year over a four-year time frame. The maps below will show when you can expect our staff to be in your area.

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Land Information

For more information about land assessments, visit the DLGF website.

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