Hazardous Materials

Allen County is continually at risk of a hazardous materials incident. The county has 302 fixed-site facilities with hazardous materials. The release of hazardous materials can occur at fixed sites. Yet, incidents on the highways or railroads are more likely to cause a release.

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Always Be Prepared & Alert

A necessary adaptation to modern life is becoming aware of chemical hazards and preparing for an accident.

Chemicals are used, released, and transported around us all the time.

  • Be informed and alert to unusual conditions so that you can help protect the community.
  • If there is a leaking tank or an overturned tanker truck, call the authorities.
  • Report suspicious activities or unusual odors to authorities.
  • If you see chemical drums bulging at a facility, immediately report it as an emergency.

Finally, become aware of shelter-in-place and evacuation strategies for the community. Become familiar with these concepts. Be sure the local schools, hospitals, daycare centers, nursing homes, and care facilities, and other vulnerable facilities have these plans in place.