You need to be prepared for the possibility of flooding and flood damage to buildings and their contents. Most homeowners' insurance policies will not cover losses due to flooding. Flood insurance is only available to those participating communities in the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). Because of our adoption and enforcement of floodplain management programs that attempt to protect us from the multiple flooding hazards, Allen County is part of the NFIP and thus, residents are able to obtain flood insurance. Additionally, because Allen County participates in FEMA's Community Rating System program, flood insurance premiums are discounted.

Be sure to check your policy to ensure you have adequate coverage. Usually, these policies cover the building structure and not the contents. Contents coverage can also be obtained by asking. There is a 30-day waiting period before flood insurance coverage becomes effective. Plan ahead; do not wait until a flood is predicted before purchasing flood insurance.

If your building is located within the special flood hazard area, the purchase of flood insurance is mandatory if using a federally regulated/insured bank for a loan.

Are you adequately covered? Contact your insurance agent and landlord now. For further information about flood insurance, please visit the National Flood Insurance Program.