Map Amendment / Revision

If you believe that a structure or portion of your property is incorrectly included in the mapped floodplain based on natural grade, you may choose to proceed with applying for a letter of map amendment (LOMA) from FEMA. The LOMA is a free application with FEMA. Please visit the FEMA website for direct information pertaining to LOMA applications.

The letter of map revision (LOMR) is a request for a more engineering-detailed map revision. Please contact the Department of Planning Services for information prior to a LOMR request with FEMA for local ordinance regulations information. Please visit the FEMA website for further information pertaining to LOMR applications.

FEMA maintains a website library of previously issued Letters Of Map Amendments and Letters of Map Revisions (termed Letters of Map Change) for our community. Please visit FEMA Completed Letters of Map Changes and follow the tools and links to the public reports tab for further information.