Automotive Fluid Recycling

Automotive oils and fluids are considered household hazardous waste products and must be disposed of properly to prevent contamination in our soil and waterways.

Illegal dumping or pouring of automotive oils and fluids in stormwater drains contaminates local waterways, wetlands, ponds, and lakes, which can have a negative effect on shellfish beds, fish and animal habitats, recreational swimming areas, and our drinking water. Auto Fluids

Fortunately, used motor oil can be "re-refined" into new oil that can be used for the same lubrication purposes. After the contaminants from use in a vehicle are removed, re-refined oil can be more efficient than its original form, making it an excellent recyclable material.

ACDEM accepts all automotive fluids at our Household Hazardous Waste facility for a small fee and partners with Hires Automotive to collect used petroleum-based fluids free of charge. Many auto service centers in Allen County will also recycle used oil (fees may apply).

If you plan to visit us at a Tox-Away event, please review all guidelines here and note that we must accept the container that the fluids are in along with the contents. If you would like to keep your container, please transfer its contents into a different, sealed receptacle and label it with its contents. Tox-Away Events can accept any automotive fluids including new and used motor oil, gasoline, antifreeze, automotive cleaning products, and lubricants.

Contact the Allen County Partnership for Water Quality for water quality best practices in Allen County.

For questions, call 260-449-4433.

Need to dispose of automotive fluids? Choose from a variety of automotive fluid recycling locations in Allen County.