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Welcome to Allen County's Public Access Tax Information research site. To help you get started, here are a few search tips:

To search by:

  • Name: Enter Last Name <space> First Initial.
  • Property Address: Enter the number and a few letters of the remaining address (if the property is not found, shorten up the criteria you entered).
  • Tax ID Number: Enter the Tax ID Number as numbers only. You can find this number on your tax bill.
  • Billing Duplicate Number: Enter the duplicate number found on your tax bill.

When the list of properties comes up, click the property you wish to view. When you have selected your property you can:

  • Print/view a tax bill or pay a tax bill.
  • Print/view the County Assessor's Form 11 (when available).
  • Print/view your Property Record Card.
  • Do another search.
  • Search multiple properties on the same street. Find the first property and click on it. You should see a picture of the property and to the right a map. Click on this icon shown and then the property next to yours to do a property-by-property search.

Please Note: You must turn off your pop-up blocker for many of the features listed above to work.

Visit the research site.