Alcoholic Beverage Commission Board


  • As needed, but generally at least once per month
  • Citizens Square
    200 E Berry Street
    Garden Level - Community Room 030
    Fort Wayne, IN 46802


Authorized by Indiana Code 7.1-2-4, the Alcoholic Beverage Board of Allen County is comprised of four members, each serving a one-year term. The Board of Commissioners of the County of Allen, Allen County Council, and Mayor of Fort Wayne each appoint one member. The Alcohol and Tobacco Commission (ATC), a part of state government, designates the fourth member, who may be an officer or employee of ATC. 


Local boards investigate permit applications through regular, public meetings at which they consider applications for permits to sell alcohol, including applications for new permits, renewal of existing permits, transfers of ownership and/or locations of an existing permit. At the meetings, the local board takes evidence and votes on each permit application. The local board's recommendations for approval or denial are then submitted to the full ATC for final action. ATC reviews the local board's recommendations and determines whether to uphold or reverse the action taken by the local board.