Electronics Recycling

Electronics contain heavy metals that can be harmful if released into the environment. As a result, electronics are banned from Indiana landfills and will not be picked up curbside.

For questions, call 260-449-7878.

ACDEM’S Electronic Recycling Program at 1430 Meyer Road ended in 2022. See below for a list of verified electronic recycling locations in Allen County.

Verified Electronic Recycling Locations in Allen County

  • Multiple ElectronicsOmniSource Electronics Recycling
    • 219 Murray Street, 46803, 260-456-0512
  • Best Buy
    • 1770 Apple Glen Boulevard, 46804, 260-459-0902
    • 737 Northcrest Shopping Center, 46805, 260-471-5501
  • Fort Wayne Recycling, LLC
    • Pick-ups Only, 260-749-2130
  • Multiple LaptopsGoodwill Industries of Northeast Indiana, no TVs
    • 3127 Brooklyn Avenue, 46809, 260-478-6346
    • 10540 Maysville Road, 46835, 260-748-0294
    • 6256 W Jefferson Boulevard, 46804, 260-459-3438
    • 525 East Dupont Road, 46825, 260-338-0202
    • 4122 Lima Road, 46805, 260-428-5744
    • 3101 East State Boulevard, 46805, 260-436-4646

Consider the three R's  before getting rid of electronics in Allen County


Refurbish broken electronics at a local electronics repair shop. DIY repair instructions are available online for mStack of Electronicsany items.


Resell or donate electronics in good condition before disposing of products.


Contact the product manufacturer for electronic recycling options or take electronic waste (e-waste) to ACDEM's Electronics Recycling Program.


Indiana law (IC 13-20.5) banned electronics from landfill disposal in 2011. Electronics collected in Allen County for recycling are demanufactured by a certified contractor, Electronic Recyclers International in Plainfield, Indiana.

Did You Know

Did you know that electronic waste (e-waste) has become the world's fastest-growing waste stream? As we all rely more on electronic devices, e-waste is becoming a growing problem.

The solution is in reusing and recycling raw materials from e-waste to conserve natural resources and avoid pollution. Learn how by viewing the EPA website.

Take a virtual tour of ERI's Fresno Facility, the largest electronics recycling facility in the U.S.