Food Waste Reduction

There are many points along the food production chain where waste occurs and an equal number of places to help provide solutions.

Food waste is a special area of concern for ACDEM. Food decomposing in landfills is a major contributor to the greenFood Wastehouse gas methane. Hoosiers waste 40% of edible food despite the staggering fact that one in seven people in our state is food insecure. We can help save landfill space, reduce wasted energy and water put into food production, decrease methane in the atmosphere, and feed hungry people all by reducing food waste.

Fighting food waste starts in the farm fields. Gleaning is the process of going out after crops have been harvested to collect what remains for donation to charity organizations. 

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Reducing Food Waste Starts with You at Home

  • Most food waste in the U.S. happens in the home. Learn how to purchase, store, and prepare food correctly to avoid throwing it away. 
  • Grocery stores, restaurants, caterers and other food service agencies may donate excess food through Food Rescue U.S. or through other local charities.
  • Specific guidelines for food waste reduction in hospitals, schools, and other agencies can be found in the resources section.
  • If excess food cannot be eaten by people, consider whether it might be fed to livestock, used for energy production, or composted.
  • Learn about composting here.

Resources to Help Us Reduce Food Waste

Food Recover Hierarchy