Household Hazardous Waste Disposal

The Household Hazardous Waste Facility is a place for Allen County Residents to dispose of unwanted household products that are toxic. 

Hazardous products can be dangerous to our health, wildlife, and waterways if not disposed of safely.

For questions, call 260-449-4433.

Hours of Operation

(Allen County residents only):Household Hazardous Waste FacilityPerson Next to a Car

  • Every Tuesday, 9am to 2pm
  • In partnership with the City of Fort Wayne Solid Waste Department: Saturday, October 7
  • The HHW Facility will be closed on the following holidays: December 26

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2260 Carroll Road, Fort Wayne, IN 46818

Enter the HHW Facility via Fort Recovery Road from Lima Road to prevent traffic.


Open to Allen County residents only.

  • Minimal fees and weight limit of 50 pounds apply
  • We accept cash or check only.
  • Do not mix products or remove labels
  • Please place all items in a box or plastic tote. Trash bags can be dangerous for our staff to search through.
  • Leave all products in their original containers, if possible. If products are not in original containers, label them accordingly. Please note that we do not pour off any materials, meaning that we must accept materials and the container that they are in as well.
  • Cooking oils, such as grease used in a fryer, is collected from residents free-of-charge.
  • Residential light bulb recycling is limited to 50 bulbs per visit. For larger quantities, please divide trips or submit a form here.
  • Vapes and e-cigarettes are accepted for $1 per pound. Remove battery if possible.
  • Electronics are not accepted at this location.
  • Except for sharps, all items must be in your trunk or against your tailgate. Sharps must be within arm's reach of the driver. Click here for sharps disposal guidelines.

Consider Other Options

Please consider the following options before taking products to ACDEM's Household Hazardous Waste Facility: 

We have other programs to help Allen County residents recycle household batteries and light bulbs. More information on disposing of automotive fluids can be found on the Automotive Fluid Recycling page.

If you bring us latex paint, know that our facility is not the end of the road for that product. Liquid latex paint can actually be recycled at a special facility in Van Wert, Ohio, that sorts by color, mixes, and sanitizes the paint. Once this process is complete, it can then be used by communities who need it as a lower-cost option! When you bring us latex paint, you are helping your neighbors - we're happy to be a small step in that process. 

Only latex paint that is completely dry may be disposed of in your trash can. If it is still liquid, dry it out, or bring it to us! See the FAQ's section for more information on how help it dry out.

Are you a business?

Contact us first to learn how to dispose of hazardous waste materials safely.