Drain Maintenance

You must be an approved Contractor through the Allen County Surveyor's Office to bid. 

Drain Maintenance Bids

If you are a first-time bidder with us, or if it has been over 2 years since you worked with Allen County Surveyor's Office, you must complete and send to us the Bid Work Survey Form and a current copy of your Certificate of Liability Insurance.

Drain Maintenance Bids can be emailed. We will keep it sealed until the due date; however, you are responsible for ensuring we receive it. Please call 260-449-7625 if you have not received an email response from us.

Addendums are sometimes posted, so always check back under the project folder for addendums before the due date. Addendums must be signed and sent in for your bid to be accepted. If we already have a bid from you, we will do our best to contact you with the addendum to fill out.