Drainage Concerns

The Allen County Surveyor's Office reviews drainage concerns within county-regulated drainage systems. These regulated drains have been established and are under the jurisdiction of the Allen County Drainage Board. A regulated system is maintained by the county if a fund has been established (I.C. 36-9-27-44). Drain work can consist of clearing brush and dead trees, removing blockages, sediment, and silt removal, tile and storm line repair, and ditch bank repair.

At this time, our office does not maintain subdivision drainage swales, these are maintained by the property owner. We do however maintain the county storm sewer drain lines within regulated subdivisions. The County is responsible for storm pipes leading to the detention ponds but Homeowner Associations are responsible for the pond maintenance.

You can call our office at 260-449-7625 to see if you are on a regulated drainage system or you can go to iMap Allen County Indiana and enter your address in the search field then click on Layers and click on the "Regulated Drain" layer. For newer regulated subdivision drains you can click on the "ACSO Sewer / Storm" layer which would show the storm lines that we maintain.

Surveys are kept in the Allen County Recorder's Office. The Allen County Surveyor's Office does not prepare private property land surveys or locate property lines. Those are done by a professional land surveyor you can find in the yellow pages or Google.

If you have a drainage concern you would like reviewed by our office, please send us an email and include your name, address, phone, and description of the concern.