Volunteer Opportunities

Storm Drain Marking

Do you want to be involved in cleaning up your community's stormwater? Become part of the Allen County Storm Drain Marking Program. By affixing a special "No Dumping, Drains to Stream" emblem on storm drains, residents and passers-by become aware that what flows down those drains is not treated before reaching the streams and rivers of Allen County, Dumping pollutants down the storm drains can harm the waterways of our community where we fish, swim, and obtain our drinking water. The Allen County Surveyor's Office will supply all materials, a map of where the storm drains are located within your community or subdivision, and instructions necessary to mark these drains. Call or sign up today to become part of a program that will serve for many years as an important reminder to keep garbage, chemicals, and hazardous waste out of the storm pipe system. To volunteer, call 260-449-7625, or complete these forms and return to the Allen County Surveyor's Office at the address provided on the forms.

The following documents are provided to assist individuals and groups in planning and implementing a successful storm drain marking activity or event and to provide information on what citizens can do to prevent or reduce pollution that enters our waterways through storm drains.

Hoosier Riverwatch

Would you like to be involved in monitoring our rivers and streams? Hoosier Riverwatch is a state-sponsored water quality monitoring initiative. The program was started in 1994 to increase public awareness of water quality issues and concerns by training volunteers to monitor stream water quality. By attending a Hoosier Riverwatch Workshop, you or a group can adopt a site and monitor the quality of the stream water. Hoosier Riverwatch staff and facilitators hold workshops at various locations throughout the State during the spring and summer months.

You can learn more about Hoosier Riverwatch by dialing 260-484-5848.

Water Resource Education & Outreach

Allen County through the Allen County Partnership for Water Quality relies on adult volunteers to reach citizens with water resource education and outreach. To learn of the various education and outreach volunteer opportunities available, contact the Allen County Partnership for Water Quality at 260-449-7139.