Purchasing Definition

Purchasing is the process of procuring the required goods and materials, in the correct amount, at the time needed, from a reliable source, for the best price and value.

Statement of Purpose

The Purchasing Department has the authority and responsibility for procuring the requirements for all materials and equipment within the county. This department is charged with the responsibility of conducting the purchasing function in a manner that results in the most efficient, economical and effective use of County funds. The Purchasing Department is organized to serve and facilitate the objectives of the county; to make procurement commitments in a consistent and orderly fashion; to maintain accurate and detailed records regarding purchasing; and, to foster a high standard of business relations with the departments we support as well as our vendors and the general public.

Mission Statement

Customer service is our first priority! As a service department, our goal is to develop and maintain an excellent working relationship with county employees, departments, and vendors. The conduct of county procurement policy shall be accomplished in accordance with ethical practices of the purchasing profession. We strive to ensure that all procurement transactions are conducted in a legal, ethical, and professional manner. We abide by the procurement laws and regulations set forth by the State of Indiana and the policies and procedures as established by the Allen County Board of Commissioners. We offer all businesses an opportunity to compete for our business on an equal basis.

Vision Statement

Achieve excellence in customer service by working closely with our end users and vendors to improve the procurement support of our using departments and be good stewards of taxpayer's dollars. Embrace change as a means for continuous improvement and effectiveness. We will consistently seek 'Best Value' procurement solutions for our customers through innovation. Harness the constantly changing environment of technology in order to maximize the Purchasing Department's efficiency, productivity, and property accountability. Integrate e-commerce processes into the overall procurement process where feasible to reduce operating costs and provide quick, effective and efficient services to our customers. We understand that our customers are the other departments within the county. We will work to maintain a customer service relationship that consistently exceeds their expectations - we believe high expectations produce high results!