Public Bidding Opportunities

Dear Valued Partner:

In our continuing effort to improve the quality and cost-effectiveness of our services, the Allen County Board of Commissioners has partnered with Quest Construction Data Network. This is a web-based initiative that will allow online bidding, and deliver our construction project advertisements and project documents in a more timely, convenient, and cost-effective way.

To be a plan holder, you will need to set up a free account. When projects become available for bid, they can be viewed at no cost or you can download the documents for a fee. Our bid advertisements will contain information about the availability of project documents via this delivery method, and how to acquire the digital plan sets.

If you have any questions regarding free membership registration, automatic bid notifications, downloading, online bidding, or working with the digital bid documents please email QuestCDN or call them at 952-233-1632. Quest has also provided an online bidding tutorial to further assist you.

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