Bag with ItemsWaste is a resource out of place.

Rethinking waste and moving toward a low-waste lifestyle is possible. Let's get started.

Quick Tips

  • Buy only what you need
  • Buy used products or those with recycled content
  • Use, repair, and reuse what you have
  • Donate, give away, or sell excess items
  • Recycle or trash as a last resort

Become a Zero-Waste Pro!

Take your actions a step further.

The concept of decreasing the amount of trash and recycling produced by a person, business, or organization is termed "zero waste" because that is the ultimate goal. Taking steps to get there include:

  1. Eliminating single-use plastic items like straws, utensils, cups, bottled water, grocery, or produce bags. Carry your own reusable alternatives.
  2. Finding permanent replacements for disposable items like razors, food storage bags, plastic wrap, and paper towels.
  3. Taking your own containers to the store for produce, bulk items, and deli foods.
  4. Bringing a washable take-out container with you when you go out to eat.
  5. Don't feel like you have to be perfect-just start somewhere!