Repurpose, Repair, Donate.

Reduce waste by giving items a new life.

Residents are encouraged to donate unwanted, gently-used items in Allen County. Reusing is better than recycling because it saves energy and reduces waste and pollution. One way to reuse is to repair items you already own.

There are dozens of charity organizations in Allen County that can reuse your items and benefit the community. Please call businesses and organizations for more details prior to dropping off a donation.

Products you might want to repair include:

  • Shoes: cobblers can extend the life of your soles.
  • Clothing: tailors will fix your favorite clothes like new.
  • Electronics: many phones, computers, and gadgets can be refurbished.
  • Furniture: recovery shops can change the look of furniture and undo damage.
Sewing kit

Where to Repair

Learn to fix your items with expert help and the right tools at the following locations:


Person Repairing