Northwest Allen County Fire Protection District


The five-member Board of Trustees oversees the district which provides fire protection to unincorporated Washington Township, unincorporated Eel River Township, unincorporated Perry Township, and the Town of Huntertown. The district was established on December 16, 2022 by an ordinance of the Board of Commissioners of the County of Allen.

One Trustee is appointed from each town, township or part of a township contained in the District. Trustees are appointed for a four-year term, which expires on the first Monday of January.

Current Trustees are:

Ron Meikle - Expiration 2023

Barry Kunkle - Exp 2024

Brenda Heisler - Exp 2025

Tom Hattery - Exp 2026

Michael Messmann - Exp 2026

Northwest Fire Protection District Ordinance

Northwest District Presentation December 2022