With assessments done on a mass appraisal basis, there may be times when a property falls either higher or lower than the median for the neighborhood. The appeals process is a right given to all property owners to contest their property values. Only when directed by the taxpayers are we able to review property assessments on a property-by-property basis. It is extremely important that any and all assessment errors are corrected through the appeal process, therefore creating more accurate assessments for the future. The staff of the Wayne Township Assessor's Office encourages anyone who questions their assessment to file an appeal. For further information regarding appeals, please visit the Allen County Assessor's Appeals Page.

An appeal form (130) is now required to open an appeal. The appeal form must be signed and filed with the County Assessor or postmarked no later than June 15th. If you have questions about the appeal process or would like a blank form mailed to you, contact our office at 260-449-7173.

PLEASE NOTE: The petition must be signed by the petitioner or an authorized representative. A representative must attach a notarized Power of Attorney (PDF) unless the representative is a duly authorized employee or corporate officer of the company. Certified tax representatives must attach a Tax Representative Disclosure statement. If you have an email address that we can contact you at, please list it on the appeal form.

Forms & Documents

IMPORTANT: The filing information included here is limited to the appeals to the Allen County Property Tax Assessment Board of Appeals (PTABOA) and does not apply to appeals filed with the Indiana Board of Tax Review nor the service requirements applicable to those appeals. Any e-filing must be to the email address listed above. E-filing your PTABOA appeal to any other email address will not be accepted and will not constitute the filing of your PTABOA appeal. If you have any questions, please call the Office of the Allen County Assessor.

For information regarding the Indiana Board of Tax Review appeals process, visit the Indiana Board of Tax Review website.