Sustainability Awards

People Holding AwardsThe Allen County Department of Environmental Management (ACDEM) recognized businesses, non-profit organizations, and individuals who went the extra mile to promote sustainable practices in their work and daily lives for the Sustainability Awards. These annual awards gave a spotlight to "Sustainability Superstars" within Allen County.

Recipients have been an example for the community recycling, composting, and reducing waste in a commendable way. The ACDEM Sustainability Awards aimed to showcase sustainability advocates around the county, while also motivating other community members to adopt similar techniques. These sustainable practices contribute to the overall environmental, health, and economic well-being of Allen County. Any effort made towards landfill diversion, big or small, counts.

Read below to learn about past Sustainability Superstars

2023 Sustainability Award Recipients

  • Rama Cousik
  • Girl Scouts of Northern Indiana-Michiana
  • Junk Ditch Brewing Company
  • OmniSource-Eastside

2021 Sustainability Award Recipients

  • Shawn Kelly
  • Maraiah Russell & Heath Hurst
  • From This Day Forward
  • Blessing Moon Herbs
  • Amy J. Beatty Valuations

2020 Sustainability Award Recipients

  • Ground Down Composting
  • Hop River Brewing Company
  • Cyndi Adamson
  • Connolly’s Do-it-Best
  • Eco Fest Fort Wayne

2019 Sustainability Award Recipients

  • Larry Graf
  • Grassroots Baby
  • Samantha Vance
  • Dirt Wain
  • Pembroke Bakery