Sales Verification

When a property is sold, a Sales Disclosure form is filled out and filed with the County Assessor. The Personal Property and Sales Deputies use the information from the Sales Disclosure to determine the validity of the sale for trending. Phone calls, questionnaires, and personal interviews are also conducted to ensure the accurate validity of property sales. This process is extremely important as Annual Trending is based on market sales. The more accurate our information is, the more accurate our property values are.

Sales Validation Questionnaire

  1. How did you hear home was for sale?*
  2. What would you consider the condition of the house?*
  3. Was the Bathroom remodeled?*
  4. Was the Kitchen remodeled?*
  5. Foundation Type*

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  6. Basement Finish*

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  7. What is the dwelling type?*
  8. What is the intended use of the property?*
  9. Is it currently rented?*
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