Planning Services


200 East Berry Street
Suite 150, Citizen Square
Fort Wayne, IN 46802



Link: Planning Services Page


Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Roussel, Benjamin J. Executive Director    
Rew, Patrick D. Deputy Director Land Use    
Wood, RLA, Michelle B. Senior Planner, Plan Commission    
Schall, Nathan Principal Planner, Plan Commission    
Rose, Jacob M. Principal Planner, Plan Commission    
Couture, Karen S. Associate Planner, Plan Commission    
Jones, AICP, Sarah E. Senior Planner, Board of Zoning Appeals    
Voors, AICP, CFM, Maureen P. Principal Planner, Board of Zoning Appeals    
Bramblewood, Jonathan Associate Planner, Board of Zoning Appeals    
Beebe, Christian Senior Planner, Permits & Enforcement    
Halter, Gary "JR" L. Principal Planner, Permits & Enforcement    
Busselberg, Alexis Principal Planner, Permits & Enforcement    
Oberholtzer, Laura R. Associate Planner, Permits & Enforcement    
Schaab, Dave Principal Planner, Special Projects    
Morales, Beth Associate Planner, Special Projects    
Slate, Kaylie Associate Planner, Special Projects    
Stone, Cathy J. Office / Finance Manager    
Mack, Kim E. Assistant Office Manager    
Woenker, Amanda Land Use Permit Specialist    
Kiessling, Laura Land Use Permit Specialist    
Swygart, Jennifer Land Use Permit Specialist    
Deville, Julie A. Document Management Specialist    

Economic Development and Redevelopment 

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
McGauley, AICP, Elissa M. Director of Redevelopment    
Black, Rachel Associate Economic Development Specialist