Why can’t I recycle plastic bags in my recycling cart?

Staff who sort recyclables at the Materials Recovery Facility in Fort Wayne could miss the plastic bags as they sort the non-recyclable items on the fast-moving conveyor belt line. When the plastic bags get caught in the equipment, staff must shut down the line to have somebody go in and cut them out. This is time-consuming, costly, and dangerous.

Look for a plastic bag container at the entrance of your local grocery storefront to recycle plastic bags. Find a drop-off location and review the guidelines in advance on the Plastic Film Recycling website.

Review City of Fort Wayne recycling guidelines on the One Cart Recycling Program website. For more information, contact the City of Fort Wayne's Solid Waste Department at 311 or email the Soild Waste Department.

Review Allen County Department of Environmental Management's Community Recycling Drop-off Site guidelines on our Community Recycling Drop-off Sites website.

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