I want to divide my property. What are the requirements?

The conveyance of property in Allen County is common and often referred to as "metes and bounds" development. Although there is not an official approval or sign-off procedure for the conveyance of property from the Department of Planning Services, the property being split needs to meet all Zoning Ordinance standards. DPS staff can be contacted with any specific questions, but the following general rules apply:

  • For properties to be served by private septic systems, the parcel must be a minimum of two acres in size.
  • Parcels without the required amount of street frontage on a right-of-way must be served by a county-approved roadway easement. Please see question 3 regarding roadway easements.
  • One parcel can be conveyed by deed from a larger parcel every 12 months (under 20 acres in size). Parcels 20 acres in size or larger (with necessary road frontage) do not need to meet the one sell-off per 12-month requirement.

If numerous sell-offs are projected, we encourage you to contact DPS staff to discuss any future plans.

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