I want to build a new house in Allen County. What do I need to get a permit? What other departments do I contact?

After an address is assigned, you will need to contact a few other departments. Please make sure that all applications to other departments have the address as assigned by DPS. You may need to obtain a driveway permit from the Allen County Highway Department at 260-449-7369. You may also need to apply for a septic permit or see if there is an existing system on file for the Board of Health 260-449-7530. The Allen County Surveyor 260-449-7625 should be contacted regarding legal drains, drainage tile, and stormwater management. If you do not have a copy of your recorded deed, you may obtain one from the Allen County Recorder's Office at 260-449-7165. Permits for new homes that are not in a platted subdivision require a copy of the recorded deed before the permit can be issued.

After you have contacted the other departments, you will need to complete a new single and two-family residential permit application (PDF). When you come to our office, you will need a plot plan showing the location of all existing and proposed structures. All structure and property dimensions must be labeled. Clearly mark the distance of all structures from the property lines and centerline of the road. You will also need to show utility easements and legal drains, as applicable. Properties that are in or partially within the floodplain may require additional information, such as a certified survey or elevation certificate. The ILP fee for a new residence is $100. DPS accepts cash, or checks payable to the Allen County Treasurer. After an ILP is issued, a refund is not possible. The application fee applies only to the ILP and does not include fees associated with other departments.

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