What is in this $320M package?

The $320M figure represents the hard and soft costs associated with building a 400,000 square foot jail facility in an open soybean field behind 2911 Meyer Road. This would consist of five pods housing roughly 1,300 inmates, as well as the accompanying food, medical, and laundry facilities, lockup for the drop off of arrested individuals by local law enforcement, and jail administrative offices. The county would also use money that it has on hand to pay for part of the project prior to bonding (aka getting a mortgage). The bond amount is estimated to be more in the $280-290M range.

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1. What is in this $320M package?
2. Financing?
3. Will the new facility be used as a revenue source for Allen County in taking in other inmates for payment?
4. Moving county offices to 2911 Meyer Road?
5. The current jail was not maintained. Will there be better upkeep with the new jail?
6. What process was used to select Elevatus Architect as the lead architect on the project?