Moving county offices to 2911 Meyer Road?

While the county did not intend to buy a building when it was looking for a new jail location, the Meyer Rd location came with one. The county is currently undertaking a conditions assessment of the existing facility to see what kind of shape it is in. The county has had a plan on the books for several years to consolidate departments into fewer buildings and sell off unnecessary real estate. No definitive plans have been established, but it is hoped that several smaller buildings and storage facilities could be sold by consolidating them at Meyer Rd.

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1. What is in this $320M package?
2. Financing?
3. Will the new facility be used as a revenue source for Allen County in taking in other inmates for payment?
4. Moving county offices to 2911 Meyer Road?
5. The current jail was not maintained. Will there be better upkeep with the new jail?
6. What process was used to select Elevatus Architect as the lead architect on the project?