How does the Jail effect the neighborhood?

Allen County does not have the ability to provide monetary compensation to nearby residents for possible valuation concerns due to our planned development. This is not something that occurs with developments of any kind. There is a difference between market value and tax value of homes. Market values may be impacted by all sorts of factors, but swings in market value have little impact on tax value and therefore on the imposition of property taxes. Local government units like New Haven are funded from a variety of taxes and fees, in addition to property taxes. The presence of a jail near New Haven will have minimal impact to any taxes or fees supporting the operations of the City of New Haven. 

Individuals released from the jail do not have a right to be on private property, same as any other person (right of exclusion) and you are free to use your personal property in whatever lawful manner you would like (right of enjoyment). In addition, the operations inside the jail will impact no one undertaking daily activities. It is a secure confinement facility; inmates are not able to leave without a court order to release them. 

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1. Why do we need to build a new facility?
2. What will happen to the current Jail?
3. Have any developers shown interest in purchasing the current Jail site?
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12. How does the Jail effect the neighborhood?
13. Neighbors don't want to look at the jail facility.
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