How will the existing building on Meyer Road be used?

The county does own 41 buildings of various shapes and sizes and wants to consolidate its overall footprint. If a vacated property can be sold, it will be sold, as we have no desire to hold on to empty buildings. Money from the sale of county properties is deposited into the county’s General Fund and County Council would decide how it is then used. It has not been determined what departments or county functions may be relocated to the 2911 Meyer Road facility.

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1. Why do we need to build a new facility?
2. What will happen to the current Jail?
3. Have any developers shown interest in purchasing the current Jail site?
4. Has the City of Fort Wayne shown interest or plans for the downtown location?
5. Why do you purchase this location for construction?
6. How will the existing building on Meyer Road be used?
7. Will the electric grid be increased and how might that affect residents?
8. Will there be a cell tower constructed?
9. What are plans for the storm water runoff with such a large footprint?
10. How will the construction affect wetland areas and wildlife?
11. Why should Sunnymede bear the burden of double the current downtown capacity?
12. How does the Jail effect the neighborhood?
13. Neighbors don't want to look at the jail facility.
14. Will this location create a strain on the New Haven Police Department?