Concerns about Sex Offenders.

How do you get around the law of having sex offenders within 1,000 feet of a park? The distance is not applicable to a confinement center. 

 How are you going to protect people from a sex offender upon release? Sex offenders are a felony case, and are sent to state prison upon sentencing.

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1. Who will be housed there?
2. Will this be a regional facility? What would that mean?
3. The current jail has staffing issues for 732 inmates. How are you going to staff a much larger facility?
4. Why is the new facility double capacity? Are you anticipating a crime wave?
5. Will inmates have outdoor activities?
6. How will the medical, rehab and mental health care be improved?
7. What care or treatment will be provided to inmates?
8. Inmate concerns:
9. How will prisoners be transported?
10. Concerns about Sex Offenders.