What does the EPRCA do?

The purpose of the EPRCA is two-fold:

  • To establish the structure of the IERC and LEPCs - how local responders plan for an outbreak
  • To inform the public of a chemical release in their area and tell them how to respond

According to the EPCRA, communities must know about their fixed and transported chemicals. This law also involves the community in:

  • Developing emergency planning and response
  • Identifying facilities that might be subject to the law
  • Assuring implementation of the EPCRA law

The EPCRA provides state and local infrastructure to plan for chemical emergencies. Facilities that store, use, or release certain chemicals have various reporting requirements. This information is available to the public. Interested parties may learn about potentially dangerous chemicals in their community.

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1. What does the EPRCA do?
2. What does this law say about notifying the public?
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