How do the counties and state government interact?

First know that the:

  • Indiana Emergency Response Commission (IERC)
  • Indiana Department of Homeland Security (IDHS)
  • Allen County Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC)
  • Allen County Office of Homeland Security (ACOHS)

all share important interrelationships.

The IERC sets the policies for how Allen County plans and reports hazardous materials data to the state government.

The IDHS provides a supportive role for the IERC personnel. The IERC, and not IDHS, supervises the LEPCs.

The LEPC is a local board that receives its funds through the State of Indiana. The IERC acts as a custodian of those funds.

The LEPC has specific duties, mandated by law. Some of these duties overlap the broad responsibilities of the ACOHS.

The Director of the ACOHS is also designated as the Emergency Manager for Allen County. The ACOHS delivers reports to the IDHS. However, the ACOHS is independent of IDHS and is a part of local government instead.

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1. How do the counties and state government interact?
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