How can I find information on properties and taxes?

The Public Access Tax Info (LTI) has lots of information relating to properties including taxes, assessed values, deductions, ownership and address information, and print assessment property record cards and tax statements.

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2. I appealed my property values and won my appeal. Now what do I have to do to get my refund?
3. I don’t think my property values are correct, who do I contact?
4. I filed a new deed on my property; do I have to re-file my deductions?
5. I want to change the mailing address for my tax bill; can I just call and tell you the new address?
6. What are the deadlines for filing deductions and what happens if I miss them?
7. What are the most common property tax deductions available?
8. What is a "Standard Deduction" and how do I apply?
9. Why did I receive a Drain bill for my property, I’ve never had one before?
10. Why do I have to file a sales disclosure when filing a property deed?
11. Why do I have to provide proof of payment to claim my surplus or refund?
12. Why do I have to Record my documents?
13. How can I find information on properties and taxes?