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1. Where do my recyclables get sorted?
2. What can I recycle in the City of Fort Wayne?
3. May I recycle pizza boxes in my recycling cart?
4. Why can’t I recycle plastic bags in my recycling cart?
5. What should I do with the household hazardous waste products in my house if I am moving?
6. How do I find out who picks up my trash or recycling?
7. When is Tire Amnesty Day?
8. When is Tox Away Day?
9. I live in an apartment or other area in Allen County without access to curbside recycling. Where can I recycle?
10. What should I do with my Christmas Tree?
11. What can I do with used automotive fluids?
12. What can I do with an old TV?
13. Where can I recycle old appliances like refrigerators and air conditioners?
14. Where can I report an issue with my curbside trash or recycling bin?
15. What should I do if my trash or recycling didn’t get picked up?