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1. I want to get information about a property before I make an offer. Where should I go and what information might I request?
2. I want to divide my property. What are the requirements?
3. I am planning on buying or selling a property which is landlocked. What are the rules regarding roadway (access) easements?
4. I purchased land and need an address. Who assigns addresses and what is the procedure to get one?
5. I want to build a new house in Allen County. What do I need to get a permit? What other departments do I contact?
6. How long does it take to have my Improvement Location Permit issued?
7. How do I get building permits?
8. Can I change my plot plan?
9. What is a Certificate of Compliance and how do I get one? What is a Certificate of Occupancy and how do I get one?
10. I would like to add on to my existing house. Is an ILP required? What do I need to get an ILP?
11. I would like to know the requirements for above ground or inground pools. Do I need an ILP? Is a fence required?
12. I would like to put a fence up. Where can I put it? Do I need an ILP?
13. I think my neighbor is violating the Allen County Zoning Ordinance. Who do I call if my neighbor is operating a business, has junk cars, or is dumping outside?
14. Can I build a residential accessory building like a garage or pole building on a vacant property for storage of non-agricultural belongings?